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We put UTAH to the Test

November 9, 2018

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah -- In a conference room at the Unified Police Department, FOX 13 put Utah's new .05 DUI law to the test.

When it goes into effect on New Year's Eve, Utah will have the nation's toughest DUI law, lowering the blood alcohol level from .08 to .05. It's been the subject of protests and pushback across the state, with worries it will harm tourism and jail casual drinkers. But so far, efforts to repeal it or modify it have failed on Utah's Capitol Hill.

To see what that could look like, FOX 13 and The Salt Lake Tribune decided to conduct an experiment with Unified Police Department's DUI squad.

Starting with a 0.00 baseline and a field sobriety test, five people of varying body types were given different drinks and food items and tested at different points of the evening. Once they hit .05, they were also administered a field sobriety test.


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