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Thank You TLW Members for Supporting Primary Candidates Endorsed by TLW

August 12, 2020

Thank you to TLW members around the state for their help supporting primary candidates endorsed by the Tavern League of Wisconsin. The TLW endorsed seven state legislative candidates, and one Congressional candidate. All TLW Endorsed candidates won their primary election!!! We will be making general election endorsements in the coming weeks and will keep you posted on which candidates have secured the TLW Endorsement!

TLW endorsed candidates all won their elections yesterday!!

41st AD – Alex Dallman

60th AD – Rep. Rob Brooks (TLW Member)

87th AD – Rep. James Edming (TLW Member)

89th AD – Rep. John Nygren

98th AD – Rep. Adam Neylon

6th SD – Senator LaTonya Johnson

14th SD – Rep. Joan Ballweg

5th CD – Senator Scott Fitzgerald

Congratulations to these candidates and good luck to them in the General Election. The TLW will be releasing its list of endorsed candidates for the November Election soon.

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