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New Marquette Law School Poll

June 24, 2020

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the unlawful stay at home order, the public was told that there would be a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. This was almost 6 weeks ago, and not only has the spike not occurred, the state continues to show a downward trend in positive cases.   According to the latest Marquette University Law School Poll, 55% of respondents remain worried about COVID-19, while 45% are not. This is down from a 60% being worried about it a month ago, and 70% in March. 54% of respondents said they are comfortable with letting students return to school in the fall, while 38% said they were not. 83% of respondents indicate they are comfortable visiting a friend or a family member’s home, and 65% percent say they are comfortable shopping at a mall or a large retail store. Wisconsin has re-opened its economy safely and responsibly.

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