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Reduced General Liability Insurance Premiums for Restaurants & Bars

June 18, 2020

We understand the challenges and hardships that our restaurant and bar customers are facing. That's why we are implementing the following procedures for immediate use by agent request.
Reduced General Liability Insurance Premiums for Restaurants & Bars
As restaurants and bars experience lower sales, agents may request a credit based on the policyholder's estimate of the sales reduction during a government order. Credit will be granted by agent request only and applies only to the General Liability premium. Simply confirm the estimated reduction in sales with your policyholder and submit the request to your underwriter.
To process this credit, we will need two pieces of information:
  1. The policyholder's estimate of the percent of sales reduction from the time when on-premises dining was prohibited by government order.
  2. The estimated amount of time the order will be in effect up to a maximum of 12 weeks. As of now, that order may go to the end of April.

Workers Compensation Payroll Reduction for Restaurants & Bars
As a reminder, we will accept endorsement requests for reductions in payroll. Please confirm the reduction with your policyholder and submit these requests to your underwriter.
We remain committed to supporting you and our mutual customers. Thanks for your support and partnership.
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