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Wisconsin Carryout Laws

March 17, 2020

We have had a number of questions about the laws regarding the sale of alcohol for off premise consumption from taverns and restaurants. Below is the state law which does permit Class B licensee holders to sell alcohol for off premise consumption.

Wisconsin Carryout Laws

Along with the ability to sell beverages on-premise, your license also permits the sale of beer, wine and intoxicating spirits for off-premise consumption as long as you comply with the following restrictions:

  • No off-premise sales between midnight and 6 AM. (Local governments have the ability to further restrict.)
  • Beverages must be in original sealed containers
  • No limit on quantity of beer or intoxicating liquor. (2019 Wisconsin Act 6 removed the 4 liter restriction on intoxicating liquor.)
  • Sales must be face-to-face and must be made on licensed premise. Online sales and delivery is not allowed under current law.
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