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Latest COVID-19 Update

March 16, 2020

Governor Evers, similar to the previously issued CDC recommendation, announced that the State Department of Health Services has established a statewide moratorium on mass gatherings to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Bars and restaurants can stay open but must follow the requirements below. The order starts March 17th and there is currently no end date to the order. Bars and restaurants must comply with this DHS order. Please visit the TLW website for signage and additional information.

The order requires the following:

  • All public and private mass gatherings are prohibited beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, March 17th.
  • Restaurants and bars are allowed to remain open if they “operate at 50% of seating capacity, or 50 total people, whichever is less”.
  • In addition, bars and restaurants must establish a distance of 6 ft between tables, booths, bar stools, and ordering counters.
  • Prohibit the use of all self-service operations such as salad bars and beverage stations.

The DHS Order can be found here.

The DHS website on COVID-19 is here.

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