State Resources

There are many resources to find out about state politics on the internet.

The Wheeler Report (

The Wheeler Report is a legislative e-newsletter in publication since 1972 reporting daily on the activities of the Wisconsin Legislature. The Wheeler Report includes summaries of news releases, selected stories and editorials from newspapers around the state."

Wispolitics (

Wispolitics is an online magazine and news service covering political and governmental news in Wisconsin. It issues hourly updates on daily events, political press releases, and political news.

Wisconsineye (

Wisconsineye is the website that plays committee hearings and floor session live. They generally tape or play live the committees that have controversial or exciting legislation up before them.

Wisconsin Legislative Website (

If you want to find a copy of a bill or look up a statute, you can go to the state's legislative webpage. In addition to bill language, you can find contact information for legislators, links to legislative services like the Legislative Reference Bureau or Legislative Fiscal Bureau, and the online version of the Blue Book.

Who are My Legislators (

In order to find out who your legislators are based on where you live you can go to this website. It will give you the legislators' home address, Madison office address, email and phone number.

Department of Revenue (

The Department of Revenue is the state agency that is responsible for the collection of taxes as well as the wholesale distribution of alcoholic beverages and enforcement of liquor laws. You can find information on liquor laws, the three-tier system and forms for excise taxes here.

Office of the Governor (

This website links to the Governor's most recent press releases, his major initiatives and his biography. This is also the page you use to apply to the many boards and commissions to which the Governor makes appointments.

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