On-Line Food Managers Training Only (TAP Series)

The Tavern League promotes the food manager training through the TAP Series - $85.
This is an online course to receive the Food Safety Manager License or the Small Operator Permit. This training is only available from the TAP Series.

Once you have completed the online training for the Food Safety Managers License you must register to take a "exam only". Go to www.tlwstore.org or call 1-800-445-9221 to schedule an exam.

To qualify for the Small Operator Permit online course, you must not be expired on your current license. Once you have completed the Small Operator class online you need to print out the permit of completion to post at your establishment.

Reminder - Small Operator Permit, you cannot have more than 5 food handlers on your payroll.
A food handler means – any individual engaged in the preparation or processing of food.

Examples include:

• a chef

• a waitress that prepares a salad

• a server that scoops ice cream

• a bartender that cooks a frozen pizza or drops breaded mushrooms, etc. into a fryer

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