League Leader Education

These pages are samples from the Grant/Iowa County Tavern League.

Creating League Leader Building Blocks - Power Point Presentation


By-laws (All counties should have and follow By-Laws)

     A. State By-Laws (.doc) (to use as an example)

     B. Officers (.docx) 



Information for all Committees (.docx)

     A. Christmas Party (.docx)

     B. Golf Outing (.docx)

     C. Audit (.docx)

     D. State Calendar Raffles (.docx)

4. Operational guidelines (.docx)

5. Reimbursement policy (.docx)

6. Audit (.docx).


League Calendar (a few monthly calendar examples have been provided below)

     A. January (.docx)

     B. February (.docx)

     C. March (.docx)



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