TLW SafeRide Participants

The map displays the areas where SafeRide programs exist and are in the process of being developed.

History: 1999 Wisconsin Act 109 established a surcharge on every DWI conviction. This money may only be used for alternative transportation from Class B licensees to a customer's home. The Tavern League office administers this program with the Department of Transportation oversight.

Process: Any local chapter who wishes to participate needs to send a letter of request for funds. The normal amount requested may not exceed $10,000. On approval, the local chapters make all decisions on the program including days and hours of operation, area of coverage, costs of rides, etc. If an area is not serviced by a cab company, you may be able to set up a "good samaritan" program. In addition, the local chapter is responsible for "raising" an equal amount of money as the initial grant. This may be done in a variety of ways.

For questions and more details, call the Tavern League of Wisconsin office in Madison 800-445-9221.

Click here to select your county on the map and locate your local SafeRide Coordinator

SafeRide Forms (Download Google Sheets Free)

 - Annual SafeRide Worksheet (.xlsx)

 - Monthly Report (.xlsx)


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SafeRide Survey Results 2015-2016

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