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Bills aim to make wineries retailers
There is a hearing next week on the following two wine bills.  Please contact your senator to oppose!!!
Bills aim to make wineries retailers
Two bills recently introduced by Senator Shelia Harsdorf (R-River Falls) and Representative Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake) would allow the over 100 Wisconsin wineries to morph into retailers by allowing them to stay open until midnight and to sell distilled spirits for weddings and other events. Wineries are manufacturers they are not retailers and should not be allowed an unfair advantage to compete against you for business.  The purpose of a winery is to produce and sell their product throughout the country to retailers and consumers not to host weddings and other parties in direct competition with restaurants and supper clubs. 
These bills would allow wineries, who are manufacturers, to also be retailers directly competing against you and your business. Wisconsin wineries generate millions of dollars of revenue in their wine sales throughout the country and would now be able to utilize that revenue to subsidize their retail operations.  There is a reason this is not legal today because it is patently unfair to retailers and would adversely impact business.  Imagine Anheuser Busch or any other manufacturer as your competition for retail business not fair which is why it is not legal.
Please take a few moments to contact your legislator to voice your opposition to Senate Bill 212 and Senate Bill 223.  To view a copy of the bills please go to and enter the bill numbers. 
Members of Senate Tourism Committee:
Senator Moulton (Chair)
Senator Tiffany (Vice-Chair)
Senator Harsdorf
Senator Petrowski
Senator LeMahieu
Senator Vinehout
Senator Erpenbach
Senator Hansen
Senator L. Taylor

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