• Small Operator Training Course Details (Recertification)

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This course only applies if you have been initially certified before.
If you have less than 5 food handlers (this includes anyone handling any foods).
If you are not more than 90 days past your current expiration date.  


 As of January 2015, all owners or managers who renewed a (CFM) Certified Food Managers license had to show the food inspector proof of passing a nationally accredited food protection examination.
With the passage of Act 9, small restaurants with five (5) or fewer food handlers are now exempt from renewing their CFM license by completing a nationally accredited food protection examination.
Instead, small restaurant operators or managers have the option to take a Food Safety Training for Small Operator course.
There is a 90 day grace period from your original certificates expiration date to get this taken care of.

With restaurants with more than five (5) food handlers, nothing has changed.  This law only changes the renewal process for owners and managers of small restaurants that choose not to renew their license by exhibiting competency on an examination. Instead you will be issued a small operators permit, which allows you to operate without a Certified Food Managers License.
Our exam will be very informal.
A permit will be mailed to you within two (2) weeks of completing the course.

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                             Courses run as low as $55 for TLW members and $65 for non-members.