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The TLW will send out alerts to members to take action on particular legislation. This is critical for the Tavern League's voice to be heard. Contacting your legislators is easy and you can either email, call or write a letter. The legislative action alerts that we send out will walk you through who your legislators are, what the issue is and help you formulate a letter. If you would rather call, you can go here to find out who your legislator is and what their phone number is.

Be brief. Legislators and their staffs are incredibly busy and so are you. They appreciate it when you get to the point and respect their time. 
Be courteous. Always, always be courteous. A "How are you?" after the initial hello works wonders! On the other hand, being abrasive is almost always counterproductive, and it provides a good excuse to ignore your request.
Ask for a commitment. The point of contacting your legislator is to garner support for a bill or get their commitment to opposing a bill. After educating them on what what the bill does, ask them if they have taken a position on the bill. If they will not commit, then just encourage them to consider it.


Current Action Alert

Wedding Barns - TLW Position

AB492 Three Tier System
AB492 Three Tier - TLW Position
Wisconsin Brewers Guild

AB 433 - Winery Hours
Dept. of Administration Email

Previous Action Alerts

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